Book 3: Primed

Scheduled for 2019.!

The excerpt:

They’re sitting on the same rock a stone’s throw from me, my night-and-day brother and sister. Unperturbed by the jagged edges digging into his flesh, Aidan leans back against the cliff wall, his pale unearthly skin and white-blonde hair in stark contrast to the rusty red sandstone. He seeks shadow, grimacing out at the dazzling day through squinty eyes. Next to him, Claire holds her face up and open to the sun, a slender-necked daisy, eager for strawberryfreckle kisses. She’s all pinkness and warmth. Aidan is dusk and secrets.

They don’t know what’s coming. Am I strong enough to tell them?

My brother grins at something Claire says and sitting up, sends a small flat pebble winging from his cover out across the infinite blue where it hangs for a moment before plunging into the mysterious cerulean depths.

“Hey, watch it!” a voice yells from the beach below. “You almost hit Teagan!”

A smile languishes over Aidan’s lips as he leans back. Crossing his arms behind his head he closes his eyes.

“You know he can see every single one of you, right?” Claire laughs, craning her neck over the edge. “There’re dragonflieseverywhere.”

“Come on you guys,” a maiden’s voice hollers. “Jump in, the water feels fantastic!”

“Can’t.” Claire calls, clearly disappointed. “Quince says we’re not supposed to get our wings wet.”

“Wings,” Aidan scoffs. “They’ve barely broken the skin. This is ridiculous.”

A scream claws up my throat but I lock my jaws against it. How can I shred their last whitewashed day? I want to pull Aidan out into the sun and shelter Claire in my shade one last time, but why? I’m completely powerless to save them. Every hydra’s head I butcher spawns a dozen more.

They are lambs. Tomorrow is their slaughter. 


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